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Brian Jacob co-authors op-ed criticizing proposed mandatory retention in Michigan schools
October 30, 2015

In an op-ed titled "Why rush to hold kids back?" published by The Detroit News on October 29th, Brian Jacob and Michael Lombardo applaud a new state legislature bill proposing Michigan’s first comprehensive reading program.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed, Inside Higher Ed report on Stange study of attainment gap
October 6, 2015

Research shows that recent high school grads are 50 percent more likely to earn a bachelor’s within six years than those starting at community colleges. In a new NBER Working Paper, Kevin Stange and Jonathan Smith of the College Board develop a new measurement tool to explore one key element of the attainment gap.

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Education Policy Initiative informs new pilot scholarship designed to enhance diversity at U-M
September 17, 2015

Last weekend throughout the state, an estimated 1,000 economically disadvantaged high school students with high GPAs and ACT scores found a major opportunity in their mailboxes from the University of Michigan.

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Job Market Candidates

Katherine Michelmore is a fellow in EPI's postdoctoral training program, who focuses on the interaction of public policies and family structure, family demography, and access to higher education. Kathy’s job market paper is entitled "Timing is Money: Does Lump-Sum Payment of Tax Credits Induce High-Cost Borrowing?"

Eric Chyn is a doctoral candidate in economics and a predoctoral trainee at the Population Studies, whose main research fields are labor and public economics with research on topics in demography and industrial organization. Eric’s job market paper is "Moved to Opportunity: The Long-Run Effect of Public Housing Demolition on Children."

Monica Hernandez is a doctoral candidate in economics and public policy, whose interests include economics of education, development economics, labor economics and early childhood education. Monica’s job market paper is entitled "Fueling Violence Instead of Education? The Effect of Oil Price Booms on Educational Attainment."

Max Kapustin is a doctoral candidate in economics, whose research interests focus on topics in public policy, health, and labor economics, including the effectiveness of anti-poverty programs. Max’s job market paper studies the impact of Medicaid on children’s educational attainment. Using a discontinuity in federal law combined with novel administrative data, he finds evidence suggesting that Medicaid eligibility improves the high school graduation rates of male children.

Please see each job market candidate’s full profile for additional information on their research, conferences and papers.

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